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Metal Surface Treatments

Numerous metal parts manufacturers employ surface treatments to change one (or more) of the exterior properties of a workpiece.

Obtain High-Quality Custom Metal Castings and Forgings

Custom metal castings and forgings offer a dependable way to create highly tailored metal components. We offers both of these services for the benefit of our customers. Request metal casting or metal forging to help produce an array of useful products:

During metal casting, a manufacturer pours molten metal into a temporary or permanent mold. The liquid material will assume a form determined by the shape of the mold as it solidifies. Metal casting allows manufacturers to create a wide variety of complex shapes, while accurately reproducing surface details.

Metal forging involves the application of pressure to a hot or cold metal workpiece. Forging compresses surfaces, ultimately contributing to a more homogenous interior composition. This process serves to strengthen metal components, helping to reduce cracks and internal defects.

Overview of Castings And Forgings Supplier by Kaida Copper

To illustrate the variety and versatility of the services offered, consider two examples. We furnish both malleable iron castings and exceptional steel castings and forgings!
These products offer exceptional value to our customers:

Group 240

Malleable Iron Castings

Containing considerably reduced quantities of carbon (compared with many other iron alloys), and manufactured with the assistance of heat treatments, malleable iron castings permit customers to create castings displaying both strength and an impressive degree of ductility.

Group 241

Steel Castings and Forgings

We offer an excellent selection of carbon steels, as well as alloy steels. Let us help you choose quality alloys for metal casting to meet your product specifications! We also furnish a variety of specialized carbon steel and steel alloys suitable for the production of high quality steel forgings.

Group 243

Strict Quality Control

We are ISO 9001:2015 certificated company and committed to providing precision die casting services. Dedicated engineering team of Kaida Copper operates rigorous quality inspections in different stages of the manufacturing process: pre-production, in-production, first article inspection and before delivery to ensure the highest quality parts are manufactured.

Group 242

Online Quotation Platform

Advanced online quoting platform to enable you to upload design files and get a fast quotation for your die cast metal parts anytime and anywhere. Order tracking system on our platform allows you to monitor all of your orders and quotes and view each stage of the manufacturing process once you place orders. This makes the order process clear and transparent.

High Quality Metal Alloys

The use of higher quality metal alloys to achieve a desired purpose helps metal castings and metal forgings fulfill customer objectives.


Iron Alloys​

Today a variety of irons and iron alloys still perform important roles in industrial manufacturing. Let us help you choose quality type of iron and casting or forging operations to create custom iron components.

Steel Alloys​

Steel alloys offer customers a wide array of choices for obtaining desired metal properties. Choose amongst high quality carbon steels or alloy steels when you request assistance.

Various Materials are Available

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